The Mosaic

Tired of having done literally nothing for five events in a row, sixteen of the Asylum's strongest artists autists assembled to produce this.
It's the thought that counts, right?
Click on any of the the images for full sized versions.


  1. one S.
  2. a different S.
  3. P.A.D.
  4. W.
  5. C.C.S.
  6. T.S.
  7. T.C.E.
  8. L.
  9. T.
  10. M.A.L.
  11. P.
  12. D.
  13. P.U.
  14. D.S.
  15. A.
  16. A.F.

By D.S.

By Pipkun (if you couldn't tell)

By G.

By T.C.

By A.C.

By P.

By S. and unnamed child laborers

By G.S.S.

DISCLAIMER: It's not blackface, our man just really loves Gyarus and may have gone too far in places.

By yep, that's a classic Pipkun

By that's right, still Pipkun

By C.C.S.

By C.C.S. (again)

By C.C.S. (for a third time)